Skin Fair 2020 Shopping Guide

Pale Girl Productions

Skin Fair 2020 is presented by TAOX Tattoo and Pale Girl Productions.

We are delighted to announce the shopping guide for Skin Fair 2020which officially opens on March 13th at 9am.

Be sure to keep checking this page as we will update it often!


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Thank you for supporting Skin Fair 2020

Event Partner Taox Tattoo

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.Australia is on Fire.

.The Deviant's Boudoir.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or not keeping up with the world news, you are all probably aware of the fact that part of the entire continent of Australia is suffering from the worst documented cases of bush fire in their recorded history. At the time of this post, it’s estimated that over a BILLION animals have been lost to the flames, and the koala population is being decimated and are now being categorized as endangered, though it’s not reflected on any official endangered species list as of yet.
Here in the United States, there’s not been too much national coverage of the crisis in Australia until recently, and for the life of me I can’t understand why. America has an attitude of “well it’s not affecting us, so why should we care?” that’s just so dangerous and selfish to maintain. Climate change is a myth to a…

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I recently  was looking for some Lights for my Sim and had a peek at Fantasy China’s Lights.


There were some really  pretty  and unusual Lights on offer and mainly Full Perm,  although there are also  Non  Full Perm  Offerings.


I personally  will go for the Full Perm Option, although I don’t have a Store so consequently I  don’t sell them,  but who knows what the future brings in Second Life.


Usually it’s Wild that buys them, she will build a set on her platform or an area of the sim and I will go and  take a pic of whatever .


If it’s just a  quick shot,   I will buy them too,   Gotta watch that TOS ..


However Alial kindly sends me her  truly  Super Creations to play around with  Thank You Alial.


But  sometimes,  I get wild logged in and put things together,  That avi’s inventory is a truly Magical shit pit.


So back to Fantasy China.

Lights Fantastic.

Alial also makes  Super Flowers, Plants, Textures and the list goes on.

She has been making Holiday things recently and I have been given some to play with,

THANK YOU yet again  Alial from FANTASY CHINA


there are pics and info of recent items on my Flickr site here


The Pic on here is a NEW item  for your Doors, Windows,  Walls or wherever you wish to use it.

Full Perm

TOS applies.

FC- FP Mesh Doorways Lights.

FC- FP Mesh Doorways Lights

FANTASY CHINA=FC- FP Mesh Doorways Lights available at Mainstore:)




I also wish to Thank Natalie Montagne of the Lost Unicorn for the Beautiful Fluffy Faux Fur Coat, I Love Fluffy and Fuzzy things but  Detest REAL FUR items in the name of FASHION.

The Dogs that wear them should only be the Four Legged Variety.



Thank You Nat ❤

Lost Unicorn, A Unicorn Forest Sanctuary , Lost Unicorn (229, 221, 24)

Also for holding a Very Special Event at your Wonderful Gallery in aid of .Friends of Animals.

It was a  Super Evening 🙂


Have a Wonderful Day Everyone,

Much Love



Jiwa Tenang, Ocean Breeze release for Swank.

Ms Sharni Azalee has been extremely busy creating this fabulous set for SWANK.

The  set can be  arranged just how you like it.


Decking andTLG - Jiwa Tenang Water Base and Decking Beach

Decking and pots come with a texture change option, click them and see.

A really wonderful set for your home and Garden and available now at SWANK events. - Jiwa Tenang Beach Pot PlantsThe Details and Li  on these  are Courtesy of Sharni Azalee of the  TLG.


Sharni has also created this Really Pretty Summer Dress, a little Cute and a Little Boho, available  with  Trim in  Lilac, Blue, Pink, Orange and Teal.  I am wearing the Pink version.


and Below is how I set them,  Using the base as walls,  All the parts in this set are all Mod Copy so play away:)    Have a Great time shopping at SWANK. Much Love  Xia xoxTLG set for Swank

TLG Present Welcome to our Wedding.

Possibly one of the most  Beautiful  Wedding Sets that I have ever seen in SL.

The Details are amazing,  the flowers and Lights that just dazzle you, with romance everywhere it really is a stunning set.

My photos simply can not do this Justice. so head off to SWANK and Buy it.

Feeling Frosty” January round, which opens on the 7th of January. tlg welcome to our wedding chandelier_001final dining tabletlg welcome to our wedding dinig table 2_004final gazebotlg welcome to our wedding seating 2_002 final seatingtlg welcome to our wedding_001Below are details of each item with Land Impacts and details, Courtesy of Sharni Azalee who created this wonderful  set.



This Heavenly Set from TLG is now available at the December Swank Event.


Comprising of:-

Cuddle Rug-Brazier-Two Bridal Trees, Two Powder Puff Trees, LOVE Decor, Frosted Flowers and a Gift Jar Lantern.

Beautifully made and available separately.

Snuggle up with the One you Love under the twinkling Lights that drape from the trees.

There are also Fences available in several colors, snow capped and superbly detailed .


The  Following pics are courtesy of Sharni Azalee and list the Land Impact of the items in this set.  (Thank You Sharni ).


Have a Super Time with your Xmas  Shopping.

Much Love



TLG – Opium

Late, Sorry . This is a New Range by Sharni Azalee of TLG.

Sit by The Gothic Windows and watch the clouds drift by,  I personally Love how they slowly cross the windows.

The Set Comprises of a Set of Three Goth Windows. A Gorgeous Gong. Dining Table,  A Display Shelf,  Two types of Gorgeous Designer Chairs,  A Coffee Table,  A very Beautiful Lamp and also a Set of Dreamy Curtains. There are Huds included in the Curtains and Chairs with Sumptuous Fabrics to suit your mood.



INDIVIDUAL PICS with Details are Courtesy of Ms Azalee.

TLG Opium Gothic Windows AdTLG - Opium Table Lamp AdTLG - Opium Side Chair AdTLG - Opium Rug AdTLG - Opium Round Shelves AdTLG - Opium Head Chair AdTLG - Opium Drapes AdTLG - Opium Dining Table AdhTLG - Opium Coffee Table Ad